Our Service

We provide a focused and personal service, which has been refined over the years to suit the needs of our clients. Our comprehensive approach focuses on you, as our individual and valued client.

A holistic approach that focuses on you

We manage portfolios using a series of risk rated and diversified asset allocation models that are designed to give clients exposure to the most suitable investments across a number of asset classes (equities, fixed income and alternative asset classes – such as property) that meet their risk attitude and approach to investing.

In addition to our core discretionary investment management, the portfolio structuring service encompasses financial planning, broader advice on structuring your holdings, as well as guidance on drawing income or capital as efficiently as possible, over time and for tax efficiency.

Our service is “restricted” in regulatory terms to providing advice in three key areas:

  • Funding portfolios – This can be by way of transfer and consolidation of existing portfolios, pensions and ISAs, or by funding pension or ISA contributions and investing previously un-invested cash
  • Managing investments within portfolios
  • Drawing down from portfolios – We advise on the most efficient way to draw income and capital from portfolios

Getting to know you

At our first meeting with you, we will assess your current situation, and consider the following:

  • Current assets
  • Previous experience of investing
  • Future objectives
  • Commitments and liabilities
  • Time horizon
  • Personal attitude to risk

We will then formulate a long-term investment strategy that meets your criteria and is designed to deliver the outcome that you expect.

 Formulating a long-term strategy that meets your criteria

Working alongside you

Too many investment managers expect their clients to maintain a long-term perspective towards their investments, but do not make the same effort to keep up with their clients’ evolving lives and situations.

However, just as financial markets don’t stand still, we recognise that your life and your circumstances will continue to develop. We expect our relationship with you to develop over time as your life and situation evolve.

 We expect our relationship with you to deepen over time

Communication & reporting

We work to build up a meaningful long-term relationship with each of our clients. This relationship is built on trust and a genuine understanding of their objectives and priorities. We always welcome dialogue with our clients, whether through informal, ad-hoc communication or at one of our six-monthly review meetings.

New clients quickly become known to the entire team. Every client is supported by two named contacts within the organisation: their Investment Manager and their Portfolio Manager. In turn, they are supported by our Analysts, Administrators and PAs.

 A meaningful long-term relationship built on trust

Clients receive a quarterly Portfolio Valuation detailing performance, valuation, asset allocation, performance attribution and a summary of cash and transactions. This information is accompanied by our quarterly Investment Brief which provides insight into the events that have shaped the previous few months’ portfolio performance.

We produce monthly Market Commentary and analysis on financial markets to help keep our clients abreast of current events, our investment outlook as well as any changes to our perspectives. Click here for more information.

 Comprehensive and clear reporting

Our clients

We are proud of the diversification amongst our client base, including professionals and independent individuals alike. To us no client is more important than another; we work hard to ensure you feel valued by us. Our clients include:

  • Professional partners in law firms & top tier accountancy firms
  • Retired individuals
  • Senior executives in FTSE 250 firms
  • Business owners/entrepreneurs
  • Companies
  • Institutions
  • Trusts
  • Individuals with settlements from divorce or personal injury
  • Individuals referred from IFA’s or other professionals

If you are seeking a new investment manager and would like a personal reference, we will be happy to arrange for you to talk to one of our existing clients. Click here to read testimonials from a number of our current clients.

 No two clients are the same, we appreciate your individual requirements


Simon A

Have you ever felt Let down? Betrayed? Exploited? Disillusioned?

Well that’s how I felt about the financial services industry and the various professional advisors I had come across over some 30 years of being in business.

A few years ago, my wife and I were faced with perhaps one of the most difficult decisions of our lives.

We had over 20 years developed a successful and profitable business, we like many people had experienced the highs and lows of business ownership and felt directly the demands it placed on us as individuals and as a family.

We had concluded that maybe it was time for a change and to search for a quality of life we had lost and perhaps regain that most precious of commodities “Time”.

The question was should we sell a proportion of our business interests and invest our time in a new way of life?

It was truly one of the most difficult and agonised decisions we had considered. After much deliberation, we sold up and set our assets to work in a different way.

Following the sale, we quickly realised we were unhappy with the IFA we had appointed to manage our investments.

There was a fundamental flaw in the service we received, quite simply it was designed to benefit the advisor and investment houses concerned rather than us. We the clients felt we were secondary and often regarded as fools, perhaps even an inconvenience now they had our funds under management.

At such a critical time in our lives we were not willing to accept the unacceptable and gave notice to our advisor.

At the same time a trusted friend suggested we speak to his financial advisor that firm being Dart Capital.

What a breath of fresh air it was to sit and speak to a firm who it seemed had our best interests at heart.

We quickly found that our contacts within Dart, Chris and Andrew, were hard working honest people who told it as it was.

No false promises to get a sale, no telling us just what we wanted to hear.

Plain and simple honest advice and if they didn’t know the answer they could find someone who did.

Within Dart we have someone we can speak to if we have concerns, someone who has taken the time to get to know us and understand our situation and our personalities.

Dart are quite simply the best financial advisors I’ve come across in 30 years and believe me I’ve tried a few, from the world of private banking to some of the most highly rated investment houses in the city.

This firm doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not, it offers good solid advice, the staff care and are interested in our continued success. We consider them as friends.

David B

I am a retired Consultant Physician who had an extensive private practice and was also a former Chair of the charity Barnardo’s.

Richard Whitehead was introduced to me personally on the retirement of my accountant (who thankfully insisted that I start preparing for retirement from my earliest professional days) and Richard has looked after my portfolio and financial planning for the past ten years or more. I am eternally grateful for this recommendation.

During these years Richard and I have built an excellent working relationship which has provided me not only with extremely competent financial management, but also with timely advice and professional colleagues to assist me in dealing with the complexity of dependant relatives and the need for comprehensive financial planning across the family.

I was delighted when I heard that Richard had taken the decision to buy Dart Capital and further develop it into a company that reflects the values that Richard stands for. I would certainly recommend Dart Capital to people like me who are looking for a long term professional relationship where mutual trust and personal attention are allied to evident competence and high ethical standards.

Antony C

Dart has been transformational for me. As a partner in PwC I had been struggling to find a single adviser who could pull my disparate affairs together ranging across myriad personal pensions and a number of different clusters of investments managed reactively.

The background of Dart ensured that they understood these particular issues (and the firm behind them) and with a questioning attitude I agreed to let them review my affairs and make recommendations. The result was that at last, here were people who spoke the same language, fully understood where I was coming from, and were competitive, transparent with costs and independent. So we set to work transitioning everything across, consolidating pensions and investments. Once completed, smoothly and efficiently, we could look at the entire financial picture as one and make strategic, informed decisions. Chris Bellchambers has helped us through this and has been great at getting underneath the skin of what I and my family are looking for.

Most of our children have subsequently moved across because they are looking for the longterm relationship which Dart offers together with a matching age profile to give them confidence so they don`t feel intimidated. Chris has built trusting relationships with us all and Dart keeps us up to speed with issues across the spectrum which should be considered and factored in.

I am now some 6 years into retirement and enjoy the benefit of knowing that here at Dart are a team which know me, my family and our goals and outlooks. They coordinate our financial affairs, assist thinking through tax, estate planning and of course investment strategy. They take the initiative when needed, are responsive, good fun and deliver on investment performance.

Simon H

I am a successful entrepreneur, having built and sold two businesses in the past. I now work full time at UCL School of Management running the MSc Entrepreneurship programme.

I have very limited time to manage my own money nor do I have the skills or qualifications to fully do this justice.  Hence I employ a team of professionals at Dart Capital to do this for me.  I have found the team highly responsive and capable, they invest time in me and they understand me. They are prepared to take the time to listen.

Dart’s charging structure is simple and transparent and their administration is highly efficient. I have used other wealth management businesses in the past and one of the defining parts of Dart’s process is their use of discretionary management which adds a substantial improvement in speed when implementing decisions.  This prevents the need for lengthy administrative reports when changes are made or when I add or request funds from my portfolio. I have used advisory services before and they were inefficient and cumbersome.

I have no hesitation in putting Dart Capital forward as your trusted advisor

Paul M

Partner – Field Fisher Waterhouse

I am a lawyer and have been a client of Dart Capital for 10 years. They are excellent at proactively managing my portfolio. I like the fact that I am included in the decision making process. Each year they ensure that I add the maximum to my pension portfolio and they manage it in accordance with the agreed strategy.

I have been impressed by their attention to detail when selecting investments. They have been particularly diligent in ensuring that the administration is smooth and the costs are clearly disclosed and are kept to a minimum.

I understand that Dart Capital manage the affairs of a number of the partners within my firm and the feedback is always positive. I recommend their service to any busy professional who wants to be able to delegate their affairs to a proactive, sympathetic and professional adviser.

Carl M

Richard provides valuable investment insight – he is always consistently well prepared, enjoys being challenged and is highly adept at moving beyond mere synthesis to really seeking to interpret, analyse and (of course) recommend.

I like the fact that Dart owes no ties to any providers of products – this gives them unusual objectivity while the fee structure is transparent and fair.

Richard has a flair for thinking through how wider geopolitical events will affect markets – invaluable in the last few years of high uncertainty. Finally its actually enjoyable to engage with him and see my money being so well managed.

Karen R

I have been a client of Dart for a considerable number of years. There is no doubt in my mind that they are the ideal firm to manage mine and my children’s portfolios. I have known Chris, my Dart financial adviser personally for the past ten years.

Confidence in handing over hard earned income to an investment manager requires a strong relationship built on trust, and Dart provide this in abundance. Unlike other advisors, Dart’s charging mechanisms are transparent, reasonable and fair. I also like the fact that Dart are not affiliated to any products or services for their own financial gain. Chris and his team are always accessible, ready to listen and to deal with even the smallest query.

I am extremely pleased with the performance of my investments which have always been balanced to take account of my personal circumstances. I am certain that I would not be so financially secure if it were not for Dart’s advice and management.

Most importantly, the team at Dart value customer service highly and their attention to detail is excellent, with timely and informative reports.

Christina R

I have known Richard Whitehead for 8 years during which time he handled my husband’s and my investments. Over the last 4 years or so I have also come to know Clare Hough. I can thoroughly recommend both of them.

My experience of their work has been excellent. The investments have performed well. More importantly for me, I am confident that they understand well my approach to risk and that they manage my investment fund in accordance with my approach. They understand that there can be priorities other than getting the best possible return. They are able to offer a personalised service, which is important to me.

I am kept well-informed as to the performance of the investments with regular information packs received by post and also regular meetings. Whenever I have emailed or phoned I have received a quick and personal response. When I was widowed a year ago they dealt effectively with matters which had to be dealt with, but also were personally easy and sympathetic to deal with in very difficult circumstances. I felt reassured and that I was in good hands. They are efficient and courteous.

I can not think of anyway in which they do not perform exactly as I would want them to and my experience of them has been entirely positive.

Our fees

We strive to ensure that our fees are transparent, clear, and fair. They are designed to ensure that there is no product or investment bias within your portfolio.

We believe that part of our role is to minimise the running costs of our clients’ portfolios, we therefore use the share classes with the lowest available management charges sometimes known as clean share classes.

 Our transparency is the key to maintaining your trust

Working with Partners at PwC

We currently provide financial advice and investment management services to both current and former Partners of PwC, across the UK.

This gives us extensive experience of the financial opportunities/concerns of Partners in your situation. We understand the key financial planning criteria you need to consider throughout your career, and at which stage these become most relevant.

Working alongside the PwC Independence Team we have established ‘Walled Gardens’ two pre-approved lists of investments and securities that are centrally maintained. This is intended to ensure that your investments will always be compliant with the independence requirements, allowing you to invest safely without breaching the rules.

Key Contacts

Chris Bellchambers

Email: chris.bellchambers@dartcapital.com
Tel: 020 7283 1117

Anna Whittle

Investment Manager
Email: anna.whittle@dartcapital.com
Tel: 020 7283 1117

Andrew Savage

Investment Manager
Email: andrew.savage@dartcapital.com
Tel: 020 7283 1117

Our Service Offering

We offer our service, including the ‘Walled Gardens’, on both an advisory and a discretionary basis and our strong relationships with the Independence team, Partnership Tax and Partner Office puts us in an excellent position to also assist you with the following aspects:

  • Cash flow modelling – to form a high level plan, whether in accumulation or preparing for retirement;
  • Your compliance requirements, including for audit partners/chain of command;
  • PICT (Partner Independence Compliance Testing) requirements;
  • How and when to draw your pension/partnership retirement benefits;
  • Providing tax return information direct to your Partnership Tax contact;
  • Internal life cover and death-in-service considerations;
  • Profit distributions; and
  • PwC specific tax aspects, such as the firm’s utilisation of your CGT allowance.

This combination means that we can offer holistic financial planning and discretionary investment management based on your specific financial requirements.

We welcome you to get in touch with our PwC Client team today, to discuss how our service can help you to attain your financial goals.

Why choose Dart Capital

Given the majority of our clients are current and retired partners of the Big 4, we understand the challenges that accompany your profession – such as intricate compliance obligations and a lack of time to manage your own financial arrangements.

We provide a financial planning and investment management service to meet your personal objectives. Dart Capital is owned by its Directors and by a number of private investors. As such – and unlike many of our peers – we are completely independent of any other financial institutions. This gives us the freedom to focus on the needs of our clients first and foremost without being distracted by other priorities. Our independent ownership structure, means that our interests are completely aligned with those of our clients.

Your financial goals may involve achieving financial independence, passing on wealth in a tax efficient manner, investing for a financial event or simply achieving clarity and peace of mind. We work to establish a meaningful long-term relationship with each of our clients. This relationship is built on trust and a genuine understanding of your objectives and priorities. We also value the expertise that other professionals bring, we therefore like to work in close partnership with your other advisers e.g. your solicitor or accountant to ensure that you have the most suitable and joined up arrangements for your circumstances. Whether you are close to retirement or beginning your new role as a partner, our team of investment managers can support you in reaching your financial goals.

Introducing the PwC Walled Gardens

Partners at PwC can now access a new approach to investing which is designed to simplify compliance with independence rules and to provide greater peace of mind.

Dart Capital has been working with the PwC Independence team to develop “Walled Gardens” two pre-approved lists of investments and securities that are centrally maintained. This is intended to ensure that your investments will always be compliant with the independence requirements, allowing you to invest safely without breaching the rules.

How does the Walled Garden work?

Dart Capital will initially offer two Walled Gardens – one will only be available to PwC partners who are not subject to independence restrictions in relation to financial services clients and the other will be available to PwC partners who are subject to further restrictions.

All of the investments in each Walled Garden will be on a pre-approved list of investments that are centrally maintained, monitored for compliance with the independence rules, and automatically updated each month.

Dart Capital are one of only a few advisers and discretionary managers to currently offer access to a Walled Garden for PwC partners.


What are the key benefits?

  • Reduced risk of independence breaches and reporting errors
  • Peace of mind that proposed investments have been preapproved and are centrally monitored
  • More streamlined and efficient process
  • Checkpoint portfolio updates should no longer be required when we make changes to your Dart Capital portfolios
  • Removes the need for investment pre-clearance
  • Simpler PICT testing


The Walled Garden approach has significant benefits for PwC partners. It reduces the risk of independence breaches and reporting errors and provides a more robust and efficient process. Combining the Walled Garden with our discretionary permissions will allow us to manage portfolios even more efficiently and execute time sensitive transactions as and when markets provide us with opportunities. The Walled Garden offers us greater diversity and speed of execution as well as providing peace of mind to partners that they remain compliant which removes a burden of worry for them.

Chris Bellchambers, Director, Dart Capital


PwC is committed to making it easier for partners to comply with the personal independence rules. This includes making sure that investments are permitted and simplifying what needs to be recorded on the firm’s systems.  We have established two centrally monitored Walled Gardens of investments with Dart Capital, which enable even the most restricted of partners to benefit from simplified Checkpoint recording and a flexible discretionary managed service that complies with the firm’s independence policy.

Adrian Byrne, PwC Independence – Director


If you would like to find out more information about how this service could work for you, please get in touch.