Our Process

Once we have agreed the investment strategy and mandate with our clients we can then look at which of our portfolios best meets their needs.

Careful, considered investment management

Our discretionary service

Dart Capital’s portfolios are managed using a series of risk rated and diversified asset allocation models, comprised of the most suitable investments across all asset classes.

The portfolios are primarily invested in Collective investment schemes (CIS) and contain a mix of equities, fixed-income securities and alternative assets (i.e. property and targeted absolute return funds). We tend to avoid the more esoteric, higher risk investments such as hedge funds and private equity. Our investment management team looks carefully at the long-term risk and return expectations for each asset class, as well as their interaction with each other.

We value the expertise that other professionals bring, we therefore like to work in close partnership with our clients’ other advisers, usually their solicitor and accountant, to ensure that they have the most suitable and joined up arrangements for their circumstances.

 Diversification to meet your needs

Client portfolios are actively managed and regularly reviewed. This helps us ensure that all holdings meet our near term views on the relative values of each asset class. If necessary we adjust the portfolios on a monthly basis to ensure they are in line with the investment goals. Any required changes are reviewed and approved by the Investment Managers prior to being transacted.

Any changes to your portfolio will be highlighted in your quarterly Portfolio Valuation.

Asset allocation – working hard for you

The broader structure and asset allocation of your portfolio is just as important as the performance of the underlying investments.

We believe that the right portfolio structure will provide the greatest scope to deliver the outcome you expect through a disciplined and transparent investment strategy. Moreover, in order to ensure that your investments work as hard as possible for you, we aim to minimise management costs and to mitigate tax liabilities as far as possible.

Our investment process combines all the discipline and focus that you might expect from a larger institution, alongside a thoroughly personal approach.

 Delivering the outcome you expect

Selecting the best opportunities for your portfolio

Our Investment Strategy Committee (ISC) meets every month to review tactical asset allocation policy, discuss and approve new investment ideas. The Committee draws together research from a wide range of sources, and its conclusions determine our opinion of financial markets, asset classes, investment sectors and manager styles, and ultimately establish our asset allocation strategy.

Our meetings provide a valuable opportunity to debate and test our views, and to build high levels of conviction. In turn, this reinforces our decision-making process, providing us with the conviction to go against the tide of wider opinion when we believe it is appropriate.

 Building conviction through research and debate

Focused fund selection

We focus on fundamentals rather than past performance and analyse each manager’s ability to deliver to their stated objective and to generate performance within clear risk boundaries. This helps us to ensure that your portfolio’s structure and behaviour meets your expectations.

Every investment is continuously monitored and regularly reviewed to ensure that the rationale for their inclusion in your portfolio remains intact.

Because we do not run our own products, our investment team can be completely objective. Therefore, all our decisions are made entirely for the benefit of our clients.

 An objective approach that puts you first

Four-step investment process

Dart Capital’s Investment Strategy Committee (ISC) is the key forum for discussion and decision making. The Committee meets every month and this shapes the investment process in four key steps:

1. Fundamental analysis

The Committee meets to discuss the major themes and global macroeconomic data. We then consider these factors alongside our own proprietary research and valuation analysis with a consideration as to how client portfolios will be affected.

2. Idea generation

The Research Team undertakes regular meetings with fund managers in order to review and evaluate fund strategies.

Ongoing ad-hoc research and analysis, supported by the informal exchange of ideas, help our Researchers and Investment Managers to shape tactical asset allocation strategies.

3. Portfolio construction

Our Investment Strategy Committee (ISC) meets every month to review tactical asset allocation policy, discuss and approve new investment ideas.

4. Implementation

Any time-sensitive changes are implemented quickly and within 24 hours of the ISC’s meeting.

Our portfolios are designed to be resilient in all market conditions; however, we might seek to implement ad-hoc, tactical adjustments to your portfolio when appropriate – for example, during periods of market volatility.