Our Insight

At Dart Capital we believe that clear and concise communication is the key to keeping you best informed. Gathering knowledge and insight we put this to best use in managing your portfolio. We are delighted to share these views in our meetings with you and also in the videos and documents below.

Our insight is your peace of mind

News & views

Every three months we will send you a Portfolio Valuation of the investments you hold with us, along with our ‘Investment Brief’. This document highlights our house investment views as well as review of the previous quarter’s market and economic developments.

We also produce a monthly ‘Market Commentary’ which gives our views on how global stockmarkets have behaved over the past month against a backdrop of world news and geopolitical events.

Our Investment Team will also produce commentary from time to time on topical market trends and events.

Please click below to view these documents. Alternatively, complete the form below if you would like to receive any of the documents regularly via email.

Media Centre

For all media related queries please do not hesitate to contact us on the details below.

Dart Capital would be happy to offer comment and our insight on any investment issues. Please contact Matthew Dymock with your request.

matthew.dymock@dartcapital.com or 0207 283 1117.


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In terms of keeping you up-to-date with your investments you can access a portfolio valuation via our secure online login.

Protecting your assets

Dart Capital has a longstanding relationship with the professional custodian AJ Bell who provide services for the majority of our clients. For offshore clients we will source a suitable alternative.

All investments purchased or transferred into the portfolio will be held in a custody account on your behalf. There are many advantages to using a custodian, including:

  • Accurate and efficient dealing and administration
  • High-quality and comprehensive reporting and valuations
  • Online access to your portfolio, allowing you to monitor the up-to-date performance and value of your investments
  • Less administration and paperwork for you
  • Security – your investments are held by the custodian in a non-trading nominee account

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a genuine personal experience and will always be pleased to discuss any aspects of your portfolio or changes to strategy with you.